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The 2019 Indian Distributors Conference in Jeju

19-04-22 00:00 | 362

The 2019 Indian Distributors Conference in Jeju

The 2019 Indian Distributors Conference in Jeju was held at Jeju NUGA Village from

April 22nd to 27th, 2019, in the presence of the executives and employees of NUGA BEST, as well as some 80 Indian distributors.


The conference commenced with a welcome speech by Vice Chairman Jung Hyo-kyoung, followed by education programs touching upon various themes including the core values of NUGA BEST, marketing strategies, and Best House (B/H) operating measures. Group discussions took place for the distributors to discuss the strategies to promote sales and to establish a common vision for the future together.


Following the main programs, the guests from India had a chance to visit some of the most popular attractions on the island, including the Alive Museum and Pacific land. , which allowed them to learn more about Korean culture and take in the beauty of the natural environment of Korea. The grueling climb on a columnar joint cliff made them feel as though they were at a boot camp, but it definitely helped them push their limits and create unforgettable memories.


The distributors were then taken to the factory situated at the HQ Office in Wonju for a special tour. Seeing the manufacturing and distributing processes in person instilled a sense of pride, as members of NUGA BEST. The interpreter who accompanied the tour mistranslated “15th anniversary” to “10,015th anniversary” due to a similar sounding word during an explanation of the history of NUGA BEST, and this cute mistake made everyone burst into laughter.


We hope that the 6-day conference allowed our Indian distributors to gain a strong vision regarding NUGA BEST and that they will continue to uphold our motto of “Health, Love, and Service” so as to spread the culture of health promotion throughout India.

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