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Chairman Cho Tours Outstanding Best Houses in Korea in April

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​Chairman Cho Tours Outstanding Best Houses in Korea in April

In April 2019, NUGA Global Chairman Cho Syung-hyun paid a visit to a total of 15 Best House locations

 (Seoul Yeonssinnae Branch, Seoul Banghwa Branch, Seoul Seodaemun Yeongcheon Branch,

Seoul Moraenae Branch, Bucheon Yeokgok Branch, Incheon Nonhyeon Branch, Seoul Gongneung Branch, Seoul Suyu Branch,

Ilsan Seo-gu Branch, Paju Geumchon Branch, Seoul Dangsan Branch, Gyeonggi Hanam Branch,

Gyeonggi Deokso Branch, Daejeon Seo-gu Wolpyeong Branch, Daejeon Dong-gu Branch).


During the recent tour, Chairman Cho explained the direction of operation for Nuga Medical and the current projects.

He also exchanged diverse opinions with the customers by encouraging open and candid communication.


NUGA Global Chairman also stated, “I’ll take this tour as an opportunity to communicate directly

with customers and meet our distributors at our Best House locations to further improve the future direction of Nuga Medical.”


At Nuga Medical, we will review the comments and opinions shared by our customers

during the April B/H tour from multiple angles and reflect them accordingly in order to provide products and services of superior quality. 

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