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Nuga Medical N5 Sales Launch on Home Shopping Network

19-05-06 00:00 | 693


Nuga Medical N5 Sales Launch on Home Shopping Network

Nuga Medical successfully launched N5, a medical device for relieving spinal muscle pain,

on CJ O’Shopping on May 6th, 2019.

This is part of the strategy to gain a greater share of the domestic medical device market by

offering product rentals via home shopping networks, in addition to carrying out the

experience programs provided at 186 Best House locations nationwide.

As for the rental service that was launched, the customer must make installment payments for a total of 60 months,

after which the ownership right is transferred to the customer.

Those who sign up for the N5 rental service via CJ O’Shopping may try out the device when it is delivered to their home

by our service personnel before making the final decision, which must be made before the installation technician leaves.

 Anyone who wants to try out the product longer is advised to visit a nearby B/H,

where they can experience the benefits of N5 and many other Nuga Medical products before making a purchase. 

For more detailed information on the rental service, feel free to make your inquiries to our Call Center (02-6273-9100)

or follow the link above to visit the CJ O’Shopping site.

We would like to thank everyone who showed their interest in and support for the launch of N5 on

the shopping network. Starting with our new N5 rental service, we promise to communicate

with you more closely and offer you our finest products and services through diverse channels.


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